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Get to know who we are

Ecoplast Ltd is one of India’s most respected and largest suppliers of lamination and surface protection films. Our multilayer coextruded polyethlene (PE) and co-polymer films are supplied to the construction industry, packaging industry, as well as a variety of other specialty applications around the world.

Ecoplast was incorporated in May 1981. The annual production capacity of multilayer films is 9000 MT/ year


Quality Differentiators

Nearly 40 Years of Experience.

We are reputed manufacturers of Polyethylene films since 1981. In this long inning, we have understood the very nuanced needs of the market and have built systems to deliver consistent quality and reliable service.


Reliable Brand Equity.

Our products have been entrusted by leading brands in the FMCG Packaging and the Construction Industry. We have been awarded credentials by the Ministry of Commerce and ISO.


Customer-Centric Innovation.

Over the years, we have continuously undertaken R&D focused activities in order to innovate and deliver value to the ever-changing marketplace. We have constantly embraced the culture/process of innovation to introduce new products or to improve our existing offerings


Commitment to Sustainability & The Circular Economy

We fully endorse the concept of a circular economy that is aimed at eliminating waste and dedicated to the continual use of resources. In today’s world, it is critical for us to work based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems.



Awards & Recognition

Ecoplast has played significant role in boosting India's Image aborad as a reliable supplier of high quality products.

Ecoplast's accomplishments as an exporter have been recognized by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry and it has received the Best Exporter Award from the Plastic Export Promotion Council for the following years:








Indian Flexible Packaging & Folding Carton Manufacturers Association (IFCA)

Star Awards 2022 in “Innovation-Enviro Friendly”

Product Category for “ECOPRESERVE 100-A1”

ECOPRESERVE™ 100 – A1 is a speciality PE film that contains 20% to 40% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) material. Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials are reprocessed plastics from household or commercial waste, the majority of which were used for packaging. PE Film made using PCR material is helping leading companies and brands to achieve their sustainability goals, without relying on the consumer to recycle or compost the package after use. PCR films are a great packaging option for brands looking for eco-friendly flexible packaging, and can be developed into stand-up pouches, lay flat pouches, and roll stock. These films can be used in most industries including confectionery, coffee, baked goods, snacks, herbal remedies, pet treats, and sports nutrition

Global Presence

Ecoplast Ltd is known world over for their high quality of products and excellent customer service. We serve customers in the following countries :