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Ecobond™ – Adhesive Films

Ecoplast Ltd. is one of the finest adhesive film manufactures that has been proving its expertise for a long time. It takes pride in delivering their products to various industries, creating a benchmark. These adhesive films are used for manufacturing Aluminum Composite Panels.

Aluminium Composite Panels are an extremely user-friendly material made up of two aluminium coils. The two coils are held together tightly with a non-aluminium core to make it lightweight, durable and compact in features.

The Aluminum Composite Panel sheets are available in different shades, textures, designs and sizes to meet the industry needs and purpose. They are the modern age material used for a variety of applications both interior and exterior.

Adhesive films are chosen basis the type of Aluminum Composite Panels to be manufactured – FR or Non FR and the processing temperatures at which the lamination ( manufacturing) of ACP is undertaken.

Non FR ACP are broadly divided in to Low Temp & High Temp films for exterior applications and only Low temp. films for interior Application.

The typical thicknesses used for exterior grades ACP are 32 mic and 50 mic though it can be customised into other thicknesses as well and depends on the Aluminium thickness and the overall sheet thickness.

The interior application adhesive films are typically 20mic and 25mic due to the low thickness of AL used in the application.


There are the following categories in the FR category:

  • Adhesive film for FR class B ACP sheets confirming to  EN 13501-1 as B1 – s1 d0 
  • Adhesive film for FR class A2 ACP sheets confirming to EN 13501 and ASTM D1929
  • Adhesive film for FR 3d panels / ACCP – confirming to EN 13501-1 as Class A2 – s1 d0.
  • Adhesive film for Aluminium Honey comb panels.

Films for FR ACP can be customised anywhere between 50 mic to 200 mic depending on the application and the Aluminium thickness.