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EcoGen™ –  Lamination Films

Ecoplast has played a significant role in the growth of India’s flexible packaging industry, which uses multilayer polyethylene film and co-polymer films for lamination to one or more substrates, such as polyester film and polypropylene film, often in combination with aluminium foil and/or paper, depending on the packaging.

EcoProtect™ –  Surface Protection Films

Ecoplast Ltd. is a well-known surface protection film company. It offers a comprehensive line of surface protection films that are designed to minimise abrasion, scratching, and damage during manufacturing and delivery cycles. The protective film can endure the stresses of manufacturing activities such as cutting, bending, and deep drawing.

EcoBond™ – Adhesive Films

Adhesive film is used in the construction industry for cladding, aluminium composite panels, and building decoration in office buildings, shopping malls, banks, hotels, and restaurants, as well as studios, exhibition centres, industrial buildings, supermarkets, passenger terminals, petrol stations, railway/metro stations, airports, tunnels, and other locations.

EcoPrime® – Speciality Films 

Ecoplast Ltd is home to a dedicated collection of specialty films called EcoPrime®.  The collection features a varied range of films, each designed with a specific purpose in mind.


Ecoplast Ltd. leads the way in the development of sustainable polyethylene films. With our extensive knowledge bank and unwavering dedication to research and development, we are at the forefront of creating eco-friendly solutions. At Ecoplast, we firmly believe in fostering a circular economy and working towards a greener planet.