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Ecoprotect™ – Surface Protection Film

Surface protection film maker Ecoplast Ltd. is well-known and one of the top surface protection film manufacturers in India. Ecoplast offers a comprehensive line of surface protection films that are designed to minimise abrasion, scratching, and damage throughout the storage process as well as during the delivery process.

Our protective film is resistant to the stresses of manufacturing operations such as cutting, bending, and deep drawing, as well as the effects of mechanical handling during production and transit. The substrate’s quality is retained when the protective film is removed, just as it was when it left the manufacturer.

Surface protection film for Stainless steel, uPVC, AluminIum Composite Panels, AluminIum sections/profiles, PVC and Carpets is one of our specialties. If the customer provides a sample of the substrate, we may develop and manufacture protective film for it.

Advantages of Using Ecoplast Surface Protection Films are:

  • Provides weather resistance when used outside.
  • The protective coating peels away effortlessly.
  • When the protective layer is removed, the quality of the surface is preserved without leaving any residue or stains.
  • Throughout the product’s life cycle, uniform and stable adherence is achieved.