The Ultimate Protection.


Ecoplast Ltd is home to a dedicated collection of specialty films called EcoPrime™.  The collection features a varied range of films, each designed with a specific purpose in mind.

EcoPrime™ sucher films are specifically designed for the packing of suchers and other similar products. The material used makes for easy opening. Our Auto films act as an adhesive for the bonding of various substrates. They are commonly used by the automobile industry to bond different fabrics and foams together. Our metalized films provide superior water vapor (WVTR) & oxygen (OTR) barrier properties, along with excellent aesthetics that give a metallic finish to the packaging.  

The collection also features LSIT (Low Seal Initiation Temperature) films that offer better sealing. The films help with keeping the content of the packed product intact and protected from high temperatures that can deform it. On the other hand, the High Dart specialty films come with excellent mechanical properties. They can be used to pack heavy products or for large pack sizes as it provides high dart impact and puncture resistance.

We also have films that exhibit excellent clarity and gloss. They can be used in applications where the packed product needs to be displayed clearly without any visual distortion. The many varieties of films in the EcoPrime™ Collection are equipped with multiple features and bring a host of benefits for product protection and packaging.

Sucher Films

ECOPRIME 100 – A1 is a Speciality PE film specifically designed for packing of Sucher’s and other similar products.


ECOPRIME 101 – A1 is a Speciality PE Film which, when activated under heat and pressure, acts as an adhesive
for bonding of various substrates.


ECOPRIME 103 – A1 is a metallized PE film that provides Superior water vapor (WVTR) & oxygen (OTR) barrier

Super High Clarity

ECOPRIME 104 – A1 is a Speciality PE film which exhibits excellent clarity and gloss. It can be used in applications
where the packed product needs to be displayed clearly without any visual distortion. 

Cable Wrap

ECOPRIME 108 – A1 is a Speciality PE film that is used in the manufacturing of jelly filled cables. It is
laminated with Aluminum foil of approximately 200 microns thickness.

Anti Fog

ECOPRIME 109 – A1 is Speciality PE Film with properties that prevents fogging from occurring on the
packaging. This allows the packed product to be seen clearly even when it stored in cold conditions such as


ECOPRIME 116 – A1 is a speciality PE film that contains 20% to 40% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) material. Post-Consumer Recycled
(PCR) materials are reprocessed plastics from household or commercial waste, the majority of which were used for packaging.