Explore 8 Primary Types Of Medical Plastic Bags

Every industry out there is unique in its workings and offerings. However, there are some common factors that each industry has to prioritize, the most important ones on the list being – safety and hygiene. This rings true for industries that directly affect the consumers, for example – the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Given that consumers turn to this sector to embrace better health and reliable medical facilities, there lingers an extra weight of responsibility on its shoulders.

In the medical industry, hygiene always comes first. It has to reflect in the smallest of details, like packaging and storage. Owing to technological advancements and progressive approaches, the medical industry has been able to provide impeccable care to its professionals as well as consumers – from effective treatments to quick delivery of medications; from safe handling of equipment to easy disposal of contaminated wastes. One of the biggest contributors to the success of this sector’s sanitary practices is the varied types of medical plastic bags.

Medical-grade plastic bags are designed in a way that ensures safety from external factors that could hamper medical processes or reduce the efficacy of medical products. Of all the packaging options available out there, poly bags have proven to be the ideal options for several reasons, to name a few:

1. Compliance with medical-grade regulations
2. Highly customizable – can be manufactured in different thicknesses and sizes as per specific requirements
3. More durable than their alternative options, and are economical
4. They come in handy when it comes to labeling or branding
5. They are lightweight, and hence, are easy to transport and store in bulk

There is a diverse range of medical plastic bags out there, depending on their use. Let’s explore some of the main types to better understand their purpose, features, and the differences between them. 


8 Different Types Of Medical Plastic Bags

 1. Pharmacy Bags:

The finest examples of medical plastic bags for packaging happen to be pharmaceutical bags. Made out of superior high-density polyethylene (HDPE), they are known to provide excellent patient privacy. Owing to the opaque nature of the material, patients can easily conceal all contents in the bag. These bags are also highly durable and they are equipped with a sealed closure that helps reduce any chances of tampering.

2. Ziploc (Re-closable) Bags: 

Medical bags with a re-closable seal have been an absolute boon to the industry. They are used for diverse purposes – from carrying medications to storing important tools and equipment in them. The best part about them is that they can be easily manufactured in multiple sizes to suit different needs. Given that they are durable and function well at all temperatures, they come in handy when it comes to medical refrigeration or storing lab specimens.

3. Adhesive Closure Bags:

The primary reason for these bags being a sought-after option is that they can be re-seeded and used multiple times, without any reduction in the quality of the adhesive. Being made out of polyethylene, these bags are recyclable. In most cases, they are food-safe as well. The non-printed bags come with a two-wall construction. Adhesive closure bags provide a hassle-free opening and safe handling of the contents that are to be stored in them.

4. Sterilization Bags:

These bags are a common phenomenon for professionals belonging to the medical field. Tools cannot be left exposed once they have been used in medical environments like labs, clinics, or hospitals. This is where these tinted bags come to the rescue. They are commonly used for gas sterilization of various tools and equipment to contain contamination. The main purpose of these bags is to allow sterilizing chemicals, heat, vapor, or steam to do its job, rendering tools safe to be used again.

5. Dressing Disposal Bags:

This kind of disposal bag is mostly manufactured out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Almost every medical facility is home to hazardous and non-hazardous medical waste. It is incredibly important for the responsible departments to dispose of this waste to ensure maximum safety in the facilities. This is where the red-colored, non-printed bags come in handy. As the name suggests, dressing disposable bags are used to safely discard wound dressings or other medical wastes of a similar nature. They usually display the biohazard symbol and warnings.

6. Transfer Bags:

When medications are being transferred from their place of production to destined medical facilities, they have to be safeguarded until they reach the pharmacies or hospitals. Transfer bags are specially designed for this purpose – to help transfer drugs, without hampering the effect they are supposed to have in treatments. The bags are manufactured with durable materials and are equipped with ultra-strong adhesive to ensure tamper resistance and enhanced safety. They also come with labels that help manufacturers or pharmacists with keeping track of deliveries.

7. Specimen Bags:

These bags are commonly used to transfer specimens from hospitals to labs. Much like sterilization bags or waste bags, they also come with a hazard warning since the specimen still has to be tested for safety in most cases. What sets them apart from most other kinds of medical bags is the fact that they feature a three-wall construction to provide multiple layers of protection, both for the specimen stored inside and the person handling it. In addition, they also come with an outer pouch that is designed to store valuable documentation associated with the contents in the bag.

8. Water-Soluble Bags:

The bags are designed to help the medical staff with following the ideal hygiene standards in medical facilities. These bags are 100% soluble in water at 140°F, at the least. They are best known to comfortably store moist linens for hours, without any permanent damage. The bags can easily accommodate contaminated clothing and linens that are to be transferred to sterilizing centers. Water-soluble bags also keep the handler safe from the hazardous specimen being carried in them.

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