How To Choose Excellent Surface Protection Films In India?

As technical as the term –surface protection films sounds, it is a product that we come across every single day. The most common examples would be our mobile or TV screens, or any other new electronic appliances that we bring home.

These self-adhesive surface protection films are best known for their unquestionable strength and durability. They are specifically designed to protect surfaces against dust, dirt, fingerprints, environmental contamination, scratching and abrasion. They are also called multi-surface protection films as they are made from thin-film layers bonded together to form a strong shield.

Given their common usage and a demand that is increasing by the hour, there is plenty to choose from when it comes to surface protection films. Today, these films differ depending on thickness, material, and adhesive strength. This availability in abundance, and in a wide range makes picking the right film a challenging task. To help make it a little easier, here are the key factors that you must consider when choosing the ideal surface protection films that best cover your requirements-


6 Tips To Choose The Right Surface Protection Film

1. Consider The Type Of Surface:

Not all your products or equipment is born out of the same material. Metal, plastic, glass, granite / stone, carpeting, painted surfaces – given that the texture of each one of these materials is different, they call for different kinds of protection films. You have to analyse whether the texture is smooth, embossed, matte, coated, and such. It is important to first determine the properties of the material to be protected before choosing the films. They have to be compatible with the textures of the surfaces to best protect them.

2. Elements That The Surface Needs Protection From:

The next important factor to consider is what exactly does your product surface need protection from. Be it dirt or humidity in the air – every element affects the surfaces differently. The films required to protect surfaces from dust are different from those that work against high temperatures, pollution, UV rays, scratches, and such. If there are multiple surface damaging elements involved, have no worries; there are plenty of multi-use films available in the market. 

3.  Indoor / Outdoor Application:

Knowing whether the surface is going to be situated indoors or outdoors is key to selecting the right surface protection film. Surfaces placed outdoors will naturally be more exposed to harsh sunlight surfaces, and so, would require films with UV protection properties. As the seasons shift, the films should also have the potential to prevent damage from rainfall, meaning that they have to be waterproof. If not chosen wisely, the protection film may peel off in a matter of days, post application.

4. The Desired Period Of Protection:

The ideal surface protection film largely depends on the duration period of the requirement. Films with strong adhesion properties will work best for long-term protection. On the other hand, they might not prove to be the right solution if the protection has to be for a shorter period of time. Peeling them off the surface will be a trick because of the excessive stickiness.  

5. Treatment Required For Certain Surfaces:

Not all surfaces are easy to manage, some require pre-application treatment so that the films fit well right. At times, it is the only way to ensure absolute protection. Before choosing the film, decide on whether the surface needs any further treatment. If yes, what kind of treatment will be best for that particular surface. Furthermore, in case of complex surfaces, you may also need to call in the experts to effectively apply the film to the surface.

6. The Effects Of Transportation:

When migrating equipment from one place to another, more often than not, we see cases of collateral damage – nothing too significant, but costs you something nevertheless, especially when transporting to remote places. You can ensure extra protection for surfaces during transports by leveraging the power of thicker protection films. You must also consider the effects of transportation on the films. If they are being brought to you from a distant location, custom shipping tapes are your best bet.

Key Questions To Ask Surface Protection Film Manufacturer Before Buying

To have the right answers, it is imperative to ask the right questions. Once you have clarity on your requirements, the decision-making in terms of choosing the right products becomes much easier. Same is the case with surface protection films. Here are some of the key questions you must ask before making a choice-

  1. Is the surface area clean and dry?
  2. Is the texture of the surface rough or smooth?
  3. How long does the film have to protect the surface?
  4. Is the surface painted / does it have a coating?
  5. What type of surface needs to be protected?
  6.  Will the film be used outdoors or indoors?  
  7. Will the film be exposed to higher temperatures? 
  8. What will be the scope of the project?
  9.  Will the transportation affect the film?
  10. Will the film be used in a safety or security application where it has to protect workers from shattering glass?


Ecoplast, A Leading Protection Film Manufacturer In India

Ecoplast, one of the leading surface protection film manufacturers in Gujarat, India, offers a comprehensive line of surface protection films for Stainless steel, UPVC, AluminIum Composite Panels, AluminIum sections/profiles, PVC and Carpets, and more.

Our protection films, EcoProtect™ are exclusively designed to minimise abrasion, scratching, and damage throughout the storage process as well as during the delivery process. They are resistant to the stresses of manufacturing operations such as cutting, bending, and deep drawing, as well as the effects of mechanical handling during production and transit. 

Key Advantages:

  • Provides weather resistance when used outside
  • The protective coating peels away effortlessly
  • When the protective layer is removed, the quality of the surface is preserved without leaving any residue or stains
  • Throughout the product’s life cycle, uniform and stable adherence is achieved

Browse through our extensive range of surface protection films online and select the one that best suits your requirements. If you have been in search of the right surface protection film suppliers in India, contact us at: +91-22-2683 3452 / +91-22-2683 1403, or drop an email at: [email protected]