All About Window Protection Films: Purpose, Types & Uses

A lot goes into transforming a house into a home or making any given space more inviting. What comes to mind instantly are thoughtfully-designed interiors, aesthetic décor, framed memories, and every corner laced with comforts and essentials. While these big things are evident, it is the little things that make the bigger picture look better, or make it more functional. One of the best examples is a window – a little detail that makes a big difference by allowing you to welcome a little bit of outdoors inside, as well as guarding your space against the hazardous outdoor element when need be. This also applies in the case of keeping your cars protected.

A lot goes into creating the right set of windows that best complement the entire structure, and protect the room or car interiors. When it comes to windows, one of the most important things to consider is the protection as the panels are carved out of glass, a material that is as brittle as it gets. This is where premium protection films come to the rescue. They keep the glass panels from being vulnerable, enhancing their chances of staying intact without a scratch during the entire cycle – right from transport to storage to the installation phase. 

Window protection films have evolved to become a common solution in the fenestration and infrastructure industry as well. What’s tricky here is choosing the ideal adhesive film for windows in accordance with the characteristics of the panel material and project specifications. To make the right choice, here are some of the popular types of protective window films.

Primary Types Of Window Protection Films


1. Safety & Security Films: 

First developed in the early 1970s to protect US Embassies abroad, safety and security films are now one of the most common categories that fall on top of the list of premium films. These are designed in a way that best protects the people from the tiniest shards of broken glass, in case of a panel crash. Moreover, it also strengthens the panel, making it much more challenging for intruders to break in through the windows. These films come in a range of thicknesses (starting from 4 mils up to almost 8-15 mil) to serve different applications like window protection for homes, schools, buses, offices, and such. 


2. UV Blocking Films: 

Excess exposure to UV radiation not only has adverse effects on our skin and eyes but also does significant harm to the interiors in terms of weathering and discoloration. Good quality window films, when applied correctly, have the potential to block these damaging UV rays up to 95 to 99.9%. Without the premium films, the maximum protection that even the highest quality glass can provide is up to 25%. The films are brilliant at filtering out the harmful rays, allowing you to bask in the natural light without it harming your skin and the interior surfaces of your home or facility. 


3. Anti-graffiti & Anti-scratch Films: 

Securing your property from any and every kind of damage (the graffiti aspect) should be the number one priority, especially for mega businesses. The right window protective films featuring a thickness of 4-8 mil can provide just that. They make for a transparent barrier designed to protect glass, and other smooth surfaces from damages caused by unwarranted craving, scratching, paint, as well as acid etching. They can absorb most of the carving and scratching damage, while the paint can be easily removed from the film without causing any damage to the base material. This ease of cleaning and maintenance helps businesses cut costs on time and money. 


4. Decorative Films: 

This is where things take a creative turn. Apart from their functional features, decorative window films can do a wonderful job by filling in for the aesthetical requirements too. It is the perfect opportunity to add a tinge of your very own style to the entire setting. You can adorn the films with multiple decorative or informational aspects, for example – scenic landscapes or company logos and taglines – the choice is yours to make. The best part is that there is an impressive range at your disposal; or better yet, you can go with the custom-made films that best represent your brand or your personality.


5. Glare Reduction Films:

Another one of the fascinating features of window films is that they come in handy for glare reduction purposes. In this category alone, there is a wide range of glare reduction levels. The thinner ones are perfect to help you add a small layer of protection. On the other hand, the heavy glare reduction films serve as the right solutions when you have to block the interiors from the unpleasantly bright sun rays from penetrating through the window, or when you have to maintain cooler room temperatures. No matter the intensity of light you want to allow in, there is a glare reduction film out there with the right thickness to help you achieve it. 


6. Privacy Films: 

One of the most obvious reasons for the existence of buildings, be it commercial or residential, is the need for privacy; a safe space that can shelter all the necessary wants and needs. However, ventilation is a must; and hence, windows are a must. Privacy window films can help bridge the gap between these two basic yet important requirements. Given that they are a popular solution, there are several types of privacy films available – right from mildly textured glasses to heavily frosted films. These can allow the necessary amount of light to sleep in while also ensuring privacy. Even if a relatively darker ambiance is required, there are complete block-out films available to specifically serve this purpose.


7. Insulating Films: 

These are perfect to help one sail through the ever-sunny summers and the prickly chilly winters – all without having to rely on the expensive affair of air conditioning or furnace. Insulation films have the ability to help keep rooms cooler, even when the sun is shining at its brightest. On the contrary, the films that are designed to insulate against cold can help cut back on the heavy costs associated with the constant use of room heaters. No matter the weather outside, insulating films can keep you comfortable in your homes or offices, by helping you maintain temperatures of your preference.

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