Premium Care For Vehicles: 5 Types Of Auto Protection Films

They say that the journey matters more than the destination. What makes any journey all the more convenient for us is a well-built vehicle running on wheels to get us going. The automation industry first and foremost served our functional need for commuting. Today, it has evolved to help us elevate our lifestyle by providing us aesthetically-pleasing cars that are built to impress, along with massive transport vehicles designed to accommodate huge quantities of products. 

Multiple factors come into play when it comes to lacing a vehicle with perfection, one of the key factors being auto protection films. Yes, there are varied types of auto protection films out there that can keep your vehicles on the road for a longer period, all while looking as good as new and serving you better than ever.

Any and every type of car protection film brings its own set of benefits. However, the best way to make the most of these offerings is to combine multiple film types for enhanced protection. Given that the market is brimming with promising options, it gets tricky to determine which automotive protective film fits right into your requirements. To help you make the right choice, get familiar with some of the most popular auto body protective films. Here are some of the key types of vehicle protection films.

5 Types Of Auto Protection Films

1. Paint Protection Film (PPF):

One of the most effective ways to protect your vehicles and keep them at their shiniest is to equip them with paint protection films. These films are also referred to as clear bras. They are essentially a protective membrane of elastomeric polymers, usually urethane-based. As the name suggests, these films do a brilliant job of protecting the painted areas of any auto body from scratches, UV rays, rock chips, and other road debris. Paint protection films can be used over the entire body of the vehicle, or just the parts that are the more susceptible to damage, for example – the front and rear bumpers.

The best part about these films is that they come with multiple features and functionalities. They are hydrophobic, meaning that the paint is protected amidst the heaviest of showers; they are transparent, helping the paint maintains its shiny appeal. The films also have the ability to heal themselves from exterior scratches simply by leveraging the heat from the sun.

2. Auto Protective Film For Wheel Shipment:

Given that it is the wheels that take all the pressure, and keep vehicles running smoothly for long distances, it is important to keep them guarded. In addition, wheels are not only vulnerable to damage on the road but also during their entire production lifecycle – right from assembly to packaging to shipping them to the dealers’ destination.

How does this benefit manufacturers? Auto protective films designed particularly for wheels protect them from corrosion, increasing their shelf life and maintaining their visual appeal. They keep the wheels looking fresh out of production, thereby giving vehicles an added advantage. Despite the fact that the durability of the auto protective films hails from strong adhesives, they are quite easy to peel off. The films leave no residue behind; no proof of them being held firmly in place to protect the aluminum wheels, allowing them to stay as glossy as ever.

3. Anti-Chipping Tape:

When it comes to gearing vehicles for long-distance travel, anti-chipping tapes are something that has to be considered. How do they come in handy? They serve almost every high-risk part of the vehicles including fenders, front fascia, lower body panels, bumpers, rear wheel arches, and more. No matter the terrain that the vehicles have to take on, the anti-chipping tapes can protect these parts from minute dust particles to severe damage-causing rocks and road debris.

Transparent auto-chipping tapes are generally applied by manufacturers as a final layer of protection for exterior automotive parts. These protection tapes are one of the most sought-after options out there as they are an affordable solution for paint protection, easy to apply and provide long-lasting protection against the toughest of elements on the road.

4. Temporary Interior Protection Films:

Fact remains that the interior of any vehicle requires just as much care and attention as the exterior. Much like the wheels, the interior part of the vehicle is also prone to unwarranted damages. Few factors that can contribute to this come into play during the different phases of test driving before the sales process begins or through constant customer foot traffic. This is where temporary interior protection films come to the rescue. They safeguard sensitive dash elements, seats, as well as flooring materials from consumer use. 

These films are often transparent in nature, meaning that they do not lessen the appeal of the vehicle interiors. Instead, they protect the parts from dust, smudges, stains, and such.  The biggest advantage that they bring to the table is allowing consumers to experience the vehicle in its full glory, without having to worry about causing damages while testing it to their heart’s content. These films are also incredibly easy to peel off after use.

5. Blister-Free Bumper Stripes:

In the matters of film protection, we have all noticed the little air bubbles or blisters that form within the films, degrading them over time and making the layering more evident. This phenomenon that is often observed in films, labels, tapes, and other PSAs is called outgassing. To keep this from happening, manufacturers are now making use of premium cellular film laminates to create blister-free polyethylene stripe tape or bumper stickers.

Blister-free stripes are extremely functional in the sense that they are airtight and the off-gasses pass right through them, leaving no room for bubbles. These tapes have proven to be ideal solutions as protective layers as compared to outgassing plastics such as injection-molded bumpers.

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